If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you obviously have players you absolutely hate. Sometimes it’s because they kill your favorite team during every matchup, sometimes they’re just douche bags on the field or off, other times they’re just attention whores, needing a quick attention fix. Whatever their reason may be, people generally don’t like them. There are hundreds of these players in the NFL but the next 10 were voted as the 10 Most Hated Players In The NFL by our bloggers:

10. Ray Lewis


The man is an intimidator on defense and always seems to get the job done. As much as he’s feared by the offense, most people don’t like his attitude and haven’t forgotten his indictment for murder and aggravated assault charges.

Even after winning the Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXXV, Disney and other companies refused to give endorsements deals to Lewis, unlike those given to previous MVP winners. The famous line, “I’m going to Disney Land,” was said by Quarterback Trent Dilfer instead.

9. Brandan Marshall


Marshall’s off the field issues along with his inability to listen to his coach, has earned him a suspension, cost him playing time, money and respect in the locker room. Marshall has been in trouble with the law for some time now with assault and battery charges, arrest for DUI, was at the party that killed teammate Darrent Williams, which supposedly happened because of a problem the killer had with Marshall’s cousin. Can’t love a guy who can’t seem to get with the program.

8. Eli Manning


This one is an obvious one, especially for San Diego Charger fans. Before draft day in 2004, he made it clear he didn’t want to play in San Diego and was immediately traded to the Giants for Phillip Rivers ad draft picks, which ended up being Shawne Merriman.

Anytime a player isn’t gracious for being drafted into the NFL and a chance at millions of dollars and refuses to play for a team, will get a lot of hate. Even though he’s one of the highest paid players in the NFL and has already won a Super Bowl ring, many still consider him a douche.

7. Chad Ochocinco (Johnson)


He’s an entertainer, a clown on and off the field but his big mouth usually gets him in trouble. He’s been fined multiple times for on-field celebrations, one time for holding up a sign that read “Dear NFL, Please don’t fine ma again.”

Of course if you read his name, you know he did something crazy, no one names themselves Ochocinco. He was fined in 2006, for changing his name on his jersey to Ocho Cinco, which represents his number. Afterward he legally changed his name to Ochocino, so he can wear it during games. He was also sued for refusing to give away a Lexus during a raffle. He later settled that lawsuit.

6. Tony Romo


This was a surprise but I guess our writers and people in America are tired of Romo. His rise to stardom has been noted but so have his distractions from football by courting some high profile celebrities: Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush and Jessica Simpson. Of course Jessica Simpson is one of the reasons for why Romo gets a lot of flame.

During an Eagles/Cowboys game in 2007, Simpson was spotted at the game, a game in which Romo had a terrible outing. Fans were upset at Simpson because she was seen as a distraction for Romo. Things escalated during the playoffs in January of 2008, when Romo was spotted with Jessica in Cabo, the week before a playoff game against the NY Giants. Cowboys lost that game the following week and more controversy erupted.

Cowboys fans are glad Romo has since dropped Simpson and is back focusing on football, that is until he gets distracted by the next hot female celebrity that comes his way.

5. Tom Brady


It’s easy to see why Tom Brady is one of the most hated players in the NFL, even if he is an upstanding guy, a pretty boy who’s married to Giselle, he still plays for the Patriots and is coached by Bill Belichick, a coach most fans absolutely love to hate. During the Patriots run for an undefeated season in 2007, Brady and Belichick pretty much assaulted every team they played.

In the playoffs and Super Bowl, Brady and the Patriots instantly became villains as almost every non-Patriot fan turned into Giants fans. As long as he plays for the Patriots and continues to lead them to 4th quarter comeback victories, he’ll always be a villain in the eyes of many.

4. Randy Moss


No surprise here. He was Chad Johnson before Chad Johnson became the clown that he is. Moss’ talent is usually overshadowed by his laid back demeanor and supposed lack of effort. He’s most famous on-field incident happened during the 2005 playoffs against the Packers after a TD. He ran to the goal post, feigned pulling down his pants to moon the fans in Green Bay. He was fined $10,000 by the NFL. Since then he’s come to the much hated Patriots and gets the same treatment Tom Brady does as a player for the Patriots.

3. Mike Vick


This one is too easy.

2. Terrell Owens


True NFL fans can’t deny his talent but his attitude towards teammates and fans usually end up causing a rift in the team. His me-first attitude got him in trouble in San Francisco, then caused massive problems in the Eagles locker room by saying Eagles would be undefeated with Brett Favre as QB over McNabb. He was suspended and released at the end of the season.

T.O. caused another rift, this time in Dallas with QB Tony Romo, for not getting enough touches. As talented as this guy is, he’ll forever be remembered for his locker room headaches, constant need for attention, and multiple suspensions for end zone celebrations. Oh and how can we forget his fake suicide attempt. Bills fans are holding their breath.

1. Brett Favre


Brett Favre, once renowned for being one of the best QB’s in the game with his slingshot arm and ironman like qualities but recently has become the butt of jokes for late night comedians, fans and even players. His “annual” retirement decision has annoyed fans to the point where they don’t really care for his antics anymore and absolutely hate him for stringing teams along while making his decision. He’s now on a Sears commercial, where he can’t make up his mind on which TV to buy. If he continues with his retirement announcement every year, people may forget how great Brett Favre really was.

Which one of these players do you absolutely hate the most? Did we leave off anyone that’s deserving of a position on the top 10?


Awesome post! As much as I’ve hated T.O. over the years, I’d have to say that I dislike Favre more than ever right now. All these comebacks have made people totally hate him, but he’s put it on himself.

I’d probably switch Moss and Ochocinco, simply because I don’t think people hate Moss as much these days. He use to always be running his mouth, but now that he’s in New England, he pretty much keeps to himself.

BlakeLovell said:

Awesome post! As much as I’ve hated T.O. over the years, I’d have to say that I dislike Favre more than ever right now. All these comebacks have made people totally hate him, but he’s put it on himself.

I’d probably switch Moss and Ochocinco, simply because I don’t think people hate Moss as much these days. He use to always be running his mouth, but now that he’s in New England, he pretty much keeps to himself.

You’re right about Moss, although I think part of that has to do with winning and Bellichick

um i find chad johnson barry pro so fuck off

well i really dont agree

apple green toad you

super wigly toad

apple didely wo

who ever made this is fuckin stupid. all ten of those players are the people with the most talent. i can see how chad johnson(ocho cinco),T.O, mike vick and moss are but the rest are great athletes who do nothing to make them hated. your an idiot and maybe need to watch a little more espn instead of sittin in front of your computer looking a blog sites

….wtf your an idiot…
did you even see the title?
its called “10 Most Hated Players In The NFL Today”
not, “10 Most Hated Talented Players”
who gives a shit if they are talented,

Brett Favre is lovin the game “TO” is an ass hat.

How about Rick Mier? The worst waste of a second round draft pick ever. Or almost as bad, what about The BOZ?

You devoted one of the top 10 here to a guy’s name you couldn’t even spell right?

This list is crap.

that’s why their jersey’s sell so well.

Don’t forget Hines Ward. HATE HIM!!!

JACK TATUM. I have been a COLTS FAN since 1971, but what Tatum did, and the things that he said AFTER paralyzing Stibgley are horrific. I don’t care that Tatum has been retired for 27 years. He has, and always be the most hated player ever in my book..

I like the idea, but you should proof-read this stuff. I’m not even being a grammar Nazi here. There are tons of words missing from sentences, and sentences that are so poorly structured I have no idea what you’re saying half the time.
I would nominate Troy Polomalu, Philip Rivers (I like him, but he’s a big dick at times), and Jeremy Shockey. I also don’t think Eli should be on here whatsoever; I used to hate him, too, but that Superbowl win should absolutely exonerate him. 19-0 would have been the death of me, and every non-New England fan out there.

How about Jeremy Shockey…don’t see him much anymore now that he’s not with the Giants, but man he was a jerk.

Ray Lewis may have killed a man and through his bloody jacket away, but you gotta love the way the man plays football! Everyone loves Ocho for the same reasons they hate TO. Funny how the list includes only QB and WR, except ray. But Favre is pulling away from being hated anywhere but Green Bay, where they still love him.

Don’t talk shit about me.. I’m the best.. I proved it in 2 games this year against the pack.. take that thompson and rodgers!

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