So close and yet so far

So close and yet so far

Time to give out some grades to the Cleveland Browns for their week 4 performance. This is never easy in the midst of a loss, but I think the results will be better then you might think.

The Browns still lost against the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 on OT, but as I look at the glass as half full, there were actually some bright points.

So here’s the Browns’ report card for Week 4:


Grade: A

First and foremost, I would have to say that the Browns for the first time this year may have scored their first “A”. Josh Cribbs and Shaun Rogers were outstanding in both returns kicks and blocking field goal/PAT attempts, respectively. This kept them in the game entirely.


Grade: B-

Derrick Anderson was able to spark the team into actually moving the ball through the air with the help of rookie wide out Muhamed Massaquoi. I wanted to give them a better grade but it was not deserving. The play was stellar at times but not consistent. They team was simply flat in over time. What happened?


Grade: B-

Again, same as for the Passing Offense, there were a lot of bright points. Getting a rusher over 100 yards is a huge accomplishment by both the running back and the ‘O’-Line. James Harrison stepped up to the challenge with Jamal Lewis on the side line. But again, the Over time situation kills their score…


Grade: C-

Ultimately, the Browns’ defense kept them in the game. But they still allowed 211 yards passing. That is not great, but it almost got the job done…almost.


Grade: D

It is not good to allow over 100 yards of rushing. The Browns allowed 154 yards total. In over time, Carson Palmer ran for 15 yards to get the first down in a 4th and 11 situation. FAIL! That was the worst yet. That is how the Bengals won the game. That play provided the needed spark for Cinci and they got it. Bad, Browns! Bad!


Surprisingly, there is hope that the Browns will actually not go win-less this season… Never thought that would actually make me happy.

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