Welcome to yet another new feature here on BlitzNation, as we bring to you the Daily Blitz. The Daily Blitz will provide links to the the most interesting and intriguing football stories on the web, and should bring you some entertainment as well. Most will be tied in with the NFL, but there will be others that deal with football in general, so we will have a broad scope of things we cover daily.

Here is today’s best:

My Top Ten Favorite Football Foods - Bleacher Report
Let’s be honest. The thing that goes best with football is food. And Greg has his top ten football foods. I just had #6.

Ochocinco Tweet Smack to Cutler and the Bears - Bearsgoggleson
This is technically from yesterday, but this will be something you can continue to follow until Sunday. Anytime Ocho gets into a tweet battle, it’s worth seeing.

NFL Ratings Up: People Think they are watching the UFL - Sportscrab.com

I, for one, absolutely hate the fact that the NFL keeps using throwback jerseys every single week. Especially when it’s the Broncos playing.

Redskins Woes in Tom Cruise Movies - Hogs Haven
The Redskins are becoming the laughing stock of the league, and this is just another example of the pain Redskins’ fans are feeling right now.

Where is the Fox News of the Sports World? - Favre Dollar Foot Long
Gene has a very interesting article here, and like most of us, he’s tired of ESPN all the time. He makes the claim for a Fox News-like offering in the sports world.

Jeff Fisher Rocks a Peyton Manning Jersey? Shocking Picture - Black Sports Online
Yes, it was for a good cause. But, probably not the best timing when you consider that his team just received one of the worst losses in NFL history.

Dad Brings Son to Pop Warner Practice Late, Ends Up Getting Beat Up by the Coach - Sports Rubbish

Ahh, the lessons that are being taught to kids who play youth football. You show up late, you get a black eye. Beautiful.

Former Bears & Loyalty Lines As a Chicago Football Fan - TheSportsBank.net

Interesting look at how former Bears are faring in the league. Ummm, can you say Kyle Orton and Cedric Benson?

Greener Pastures: 10 Sports Figures Who Found Success After Leaving Cleveland - The Kardiac Kid
This is a great list. I bet you can’t guess who number one is, can you?

With Nothing Left to Lose, Titans Should Turn to Young - Just a Bit Outside Sports

Seriously, when your coach is wearing a rival’s jersey, and your team just lost 59-0, all options should be open for discussion at this point.

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