The Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers look to extend their win streak to five against the AFC West Division leading Denver Broncos tonight in a key AFC matchup that could decide home field advantage for one of these two teams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense will have to great tonight to win this game at Mile High Stadium. The Denver Broncos defense is ranked #1 in the NFL and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have to spread the ball around to his usual cast of characters.

Running back Rashard Mendenhall may need to have a huge game for the Steelers to win this game because Broncos star defensive end and AFC sack leader Elvis Dumervil can’t wait to get to Roethlisberger so he can add to his sack total for the year.

Wide Receivers Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes also need to have big games but I believe the key rookie wide receiver and return man Mike Wallace because he can be a great third option for Roethlisberger but most importantly, he can alter field position in the return game.

The Steelers defense has come lately, especially since the return of all-pro safety and defensive captain safety Troy Polamalu. The Steelers seem to have risen from the dead since his return and should be able handle the Broncos offense.

Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Denver Broncos 17

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Steelers Injuries:
DE Aaron Smith, Out
TE Sean McHugh, Out
G Darnell Stapleton, Out
FB Frank Summers, Out
DE Travis Kirschke, Doubtful
LB Lawrence Timmons, Doubtful
S Ryan Clark, Questionable

Start of the 1st Half

8:41 EST- Kickoff, Steelers defense to come out first.

8:42 EST- Kyle Orton had alot of time to throw that pass to Eddie Royal

8:44 EST- Steelers defense is getting no pressure on Orton

8:45 EST- Great stop behind the line of scrimmage by LaMarr Woodley

8:46 EST- Troy Polamalu knocks the ball out of teammate William Gay’s hands, almost intercepted

8:47 EST- FG by Matt Prater, Broncos 3, Steelers 0

8:55 EST- Roethlisberger gets sacked by Elvis Dumervil and Darrell Reid

9:03 EST- 3 and out for the Broncos after a great tackle by Ike Taylor on Brandon Marshall

9:07 EST- Great pass across the middle to Santonio Holmes, FIRST DOWN STEELERS!!!

9:08 EST- Roethlisberger gets sacked by LBs D.J. Williams and Andra Davis

9:09 EST- Steelers punt the ball away after another 3 and out.

9:14 EST- Kyle Orton is having his way with the Steelers secondary

9:15 EST- 48-yard interception return Tyrone Carter for a TD!!!

9:16 EST- The Steelers officially have the momentum. Steelers 7, Broncos 3

9:22 EST- Kyle Orton is back to having his way with the Steelers secondary

9:32 EST- Ben Hamilton with the holding penalty on 4th down, Broncos punt the ball away.

9:36 EST- Rookie WR Mike Wallace get his first catch of the night.

9:37 EST- Rashard Mendenhall running hard tonight.

9:40 EST- Broncos defense force Steelers to punt again.

9:46 EST- Brett Keisel sacks Kyle Orton for a 3-yard loss.

Halftime Leaders


Ben Roethlisberger, QB, 6 of 9 for 49 yards

Rashard Mendenhall, RB, 6 carries, 25 yards

Santonio Holmes, WR, 2 catches 25 yards


Brett Keisel, DE, 2 sacks
Tyrone Carter, S, 1 interception

Start of the 2nd Half

10:11 EST- DE Kenny Peterson knocks the ball out of Roethlisberger’s hand, DE Robert Ayers picks up the ball and runs it 54 yards for a TD. Momentun swing: Broncos Broncos 10, Steelers 7

10:19 EST- Rashard Mendenhall with a 24-yard run.

10:20 EST- Santonio Holmes with a 35-yard catch down to 3 yard line

10:21 EST- 3-yard TD to Hines Ward, Steelers 14, Broncos 10

10:28 EST- Broncos punt the ball away and down the ball at the Steelers 3-yard line.

10:32 EST- Rashard Mendenhall with another 24-yard run.

10:36 EST- Roethlisberger picking apart the Broncos secondary.

10:37 EST- Rashard Mendenhall is having a great game so far.

10:39 EST- Roethlisberger throws an interception to Andre Goodman in the end zone.

10:43 EST- Broncos punt the ball away after a great defensive stand by the Steelers.

10:48 EST- 3 and out by the Steelers.

10:52 EST- Steelers made some great adjustments at the half to stop Kyle Orton and the Broncos passing game.

10:57 EST- Santonio Holmes is having a great game against Champ Bailey.

10:59 EST- Steelers LT Max Starks man-handling DE Elvis Dumervil, 6′8″ vs 5″11.

11:03 EST- Kyle Orton throws an interception to Troy Polamalu at the Broncos 25-yard line.

11:05 EST- 25-Yard TD pass to Mike Wallace, Steelers 21, Broncos 10

11:09 EST- Steelers continuing to get pressure on Kyle Orton.

11:10 EST 3 and out, Broncos forced to punt.

11:18 EST- Rashard Mendenhall with a 36-yard run, Mendenhall has rushing 137 yards.

11:20 EST- The Steelers are running all over the Broncos defense.

11:24 EST- 18-yard run by Rashard Mendenhall.

11:27 EST- Steelers going for another TD, down at the Broncos 4-yard line.

11:34 EST- 4-yard TD catch by Hines Ward after leaping over Champ Bailey.

11:35 EST- Steelers 28, Broncos 10

11:37 EST- James Harrison flattens Correll Buckhalter.

11:39 EST- Kyle Orton throws another interception to Tyrone Carter.

11:40 EST- Steelers in victory formation.

Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers 28, Denver Broncos 10

Final Steelers Statistics:

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, 21 of 29 for 233 yards and three touchdowns

Rashard Mendenhall, RB, 22 carries, 155 yards

Santonio Holmes, WR, 6 catches 93 yards
Mike Wallace, WR, 4 catches 69 yards and one touchdown
Hines Ward, WR, 7 catches 44 yards and two touchdowns

Brett Keisel, DE, 2 sacks
Tyrone Carter, S, 2 interceptions
Troy Polamalu, S, 1 interception


comment now

Looks like the Steelers have this one wrapped up.

And Khai with the “are who we thought they were” quote! I love it!

Well, now the Broncos’ questions begin again. Of course, they still play in a weak division, so they’re still in good shape.

Mike Wallace is looking like a steal in the 3rd round. The Steeers were critcized for that selection, guess they knew something we didn’t.

There’s Mike Wallace with the score!

YEAH! Thank goodness that was Mike Wallace with the TD and not Santonio Holmes! This is showing you that Pittsburgh is still the team to beat in the AFC.

alright, so he has 8 points, please don’t get 30 more yards!!!

Santonio has 86 yards @Kyle

Big Ben with a terrible, and I mean terrible, throw right there. Not Sure Kyle, but he had a big gainer a minute ago.

anybody know how many yards Santonio Holmes has tonight???

Its not you Blake, he does look like Caldwell, just a little lighter.

Is it just me or does this referee have a strong resemblance to Colts’ coach Jim Caldwell?

And just like that Steelers are back up!  Denver is completely dominating statistically but they’re not where it counts.

Defensive scoring everywhere tonight guys!

Speaking of that epic clash between the Bengals and Ravens yesterday, everyone head to the Blitz home page to check out Kyle’s thoughts on the action!

well it’s halftime, so does anybody have any guesses on to where Larry Johnson will land? I feel that Cleveland could be his best fit with Jamal Lewis retiring after this season.

I like Jon Gruden a lot, he adds a good passion to the game

Some people don’t like Jon Gruden on commentary, but dude gets me fired up when he talks about football!

If Jay Cutler would have had this defense last year in Denver, the Broncos would have won the Super Bowl!

Yup Blake, along with that disaster of a game that the Giants-Chargers put the world through.  Denver is giving Pittsburgh a game.

Even though the score is 7-3, this game is actually pretty exciting. Ya know, a lot more exciting than that Bengals-Ravens borefest yesterday.

I like Denver’s offensive approach right now.  They’re attacking the Steelers’ secondary despite the interception.


*the official “Florida” word count has begun*

Tyrone Carter INT, another Florida boy doin’ the do.

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