Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver, Antonio Bryant, will not have the team’s franchise tag placed on him. Without the franchise tag being used on him, it appears that the Bucs will be moving on without Bryant.

After his incredible 2008 season in which he ranked eigth among receivers, Bryant had a down year in 2009. His 600 receiving yards were depressing, and his four touchdowns were unimpressive. Although he did battle injuries in 2009, Bryant wasn’t as explosive as he was in previous seasons.

With the Bucs flip-flopping between Quarterbacks in 2009, it’s understandable that Bryant couldn’t develop a connection with his Quarterback. Well it appears that Bryant will no longer need to attempt to build chemistry with any of the Tampa Bay QB’s seeing that he will most likely be headed elsewhere.

Here are some possible destinations for Antonio Bryant:

Miami Dolphins - The Dolphins are in need of a physical wideout, and it also helps that Bryant and Bill Parcells have a past connection. Although Miami loves the Wildcat, it would be interesting to see them add a talented Wide Receiver to the formation.

Clevealand Browns - This team is in need of a lot of help, and they could certainly use a proven veteran at Wide Receiver. With Josh Cribbs unlikely to resign, they will need a receiver to make plays. But just as Tampa Bay experianced last season, Cleveland has their own Quarterback carousel going on, which could keep Bryant away.

Baltimore Ravens - Maybe the most logical choice for Bryant, the Ravens are in desperate need of a receiver. Also, the Ravens have a great Quarterback with a big arm in Joe Flacco, but in his two year career, Flacco has never had a great receiver, besides the aging Derrick Mason. Bryant to Baltimore could be the best move for both sides.

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