Most believe that NFL general managers earn their paychecks by their level of success in the later rounds of the draft and uncovering those hidden gems that can push a team over the top. With the NFL’s scouting process now winding down, many names are being brought to the forefront that weren’t exactly on the tip of anyone’s tongues when the collegiate season started. This segment called Under the Radar will continue to explore just what scouts find attractive about certain prospects that may be available beyond the glamour rounds of the draft and why you’re team may be interested in landing one of these sleepers.

The trendy nature of the NFL is undeniable and with the 3-4 defensive trend sweeping the league of late, personnel to fit into those schemes is going to be highly coveted by general managers in the draft. Sean Lissemore is a player who possesses those type of attributes from William & Mary and he really showed out at the school’s pro day. At 6’3” 298lbs. Lissemore ran a remarkable 4.83 second time in the 40 yard dash which would have been near the top of the defensive tackles class at the NFL Scouting Combine. His explosion was illustrated with a 30-inch vertical jump which only makes his 36 reps at 225lbs. on the bench press that much more remarkable. His compact frame lends itself really well to becoming quick 3-4 defensive end prospect that played defensive tackle in college and plays with a high football IQ to be stout against the run.

His lack of ideal size is a big concern for many scouts that took in his pro day as although 6’3” 298lbs. doesn’t sound small, his center of gravity is awfully high allowing linemen to cut him down quite often. Lissemore relied on his strength and push to penetrate backfields in the collegiate ranks, but at a lower level school those skills won’t serve him all that well in the NFL. He lacks any variety to his pass rush moves and his repertoire has very little other than straight ahead for getting to the ball carrier. Although he may be a project, Lissemore has some potential to be a quality depth player in a 3-4 defensive line rotation specializing in stopping the run and creating pile ups. He is a worthy candidate for the Mr. Irrelevant designation and if he does not get selected before the draft comes to a conclusion, Lissmore will be a great land as an undrafted free agent for any club.

A number of names will be called during April’s NFL Draft that seem to be from out of left field, but don’t let Sean Lissemore’s be one of them. Keep looking out for more Under the Radar players shooting up draft boards or quietly lurking in the depth of this class that could make a huge impact over the coming years on Sundays.

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