When you can find a montage such as the one above regarding an NFL player, that really speaks for itself in most cases. Often times all you can do is shake your head at the silly mistakes made by professional athletes and Cedric Benson is certainly a prime example of just that. After reviving his career with the Cincinnati Bengals last season with a one-thousand yard season and a trip to the playoffs, it appeared Benson may have finally figured things out in the NFL. He was released from the Chicago Bears in 2008 following a DUI charge for operating his boat while under the influence. Always willing to take a chance on a player, Cincy stepped up to the plate and brought Benson into the fold. With a great year both on and off of the field in the books with the Bengals last year, many pegged Benson as one of the best turnaround stories in recent memory.

Unfortunately for both Benson and the Bengals, it appears that the former member of the Texas Longhorns has reverted to his old behavior. Charges have been filed against the Bengals ball carrier stemming from an alleged incident that took place nearly a month ago in Annie’s West bar in Austin, TX May 30th. Benson was involved in an altercation with another bar patron which escalated to the point where he was punched in the lip by the unknown man. After then being asked to leave and being escorted to the door, Benson spit blood on a bar employee and became verbally abusive. He was booked on Tuesday and posted $5,000 bail from the Travis County Jail shortly thereafter.

For both the Bengals and Benson, this is just another stain on an already tarnished record which ultimately paved Benson’s way out of Chicago. Cincinnati has never been shy to give players second chances as their Head Coach Marvin Lewis believes that everyone deserves that, but it seems like Cincy is the only team inclined to do so in most cases. This really should cause NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to seriously consider intervening with the Bengals and trying to get to the bottom of their player personnel department. It seems as if this team almost gravitates toward problem players and gives all of the clean athletes on their roster a bad name as a result.

As the old saying goes, nothing good ever happens in public venues for star athletes and that has been perpetuated in the last month by two former Longhorns. Let’s not forget the Vince Young incident that led him to a run in with the law in a strip club right around the same time as Benson’s ordeal occurred. It may be a blanket statement to say that Texas players are the main problem in the league, but they certainly aren’t making that a difficult side to prove. What this means for the Bengals however is likely that they will be without their starting running back for between two to four games to begin the 2010 season and that is not at all what a team on the rise wants to hear. It’s clear that Benson can no longer be considered a total bust on the field of play, but in the community he still has a long way to go.

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