Okay, the dust has settled, the circus is over, and as it turns out I still had a standing building to go to work in downtown Cleveland a day after, what some may consider the worst or second worst day in Cleveland sports. (the worst being when the Browns left)

LeBron James has announced that he will be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the the Miami Heat. People actually cried at this. REALLY?! Let me put a few things into perspective for everyone. James never won championship for Cleveland. It didn’t look any brighter for him here in the coming years. In order to solidify a legacy for himself he needs to do that. Honestly, that did not look to be done here. And it totally could have been all because of him and his choking in the post season. But it is what it is. James never could win it all in Cleveland. Perhaps he can rely on others in Miami (Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh) to get the job done for him in order for him to sail to a ring.

In honesty, I think going to Miami will help him as far as how he ends up looking on paper in the long run. But how is he going to break free of the LePippen jokes? Can James actually win on his own like Kobe Bryant did without Shaquille O’Neal?

I will say that when Nike was putting out the commercials of the puppets making fun of James not having the championships that Bryant had, certainly seem a lot more funny to me now.

But in the long run what is the real issue? It is not THAT James left, but the WAY he left. He made a three ring circus to tell the world that he is leaving Cleveland and that he can only win with two other superstars. Winning a Championship in Cleveland would have meant more to history, the fans, everyone then winning in Miami. The Heat have won before. The Cavaliers never have. That would have been a true test.

But who really cares. Cleveland is still standing. Life is going on, and local area development is taking off downtown. The city is getting better… and do you know what is coming up? The Cleveland Browns and getting close to opening the season here soon.

That is what you come to this blog to read about. If James would have won a title in Cleveland, it would not even come close to meaning as much as when the Browns do (if they ever do). Yes, this is my opinion, but ask any Cleveland sports fan which is more important, Browns winning it all or the Cavs. I would say 9/10 would say Browns. That is who we are.

That is just how it is here in Cleveland. I am not saying that we do not care about the Cavaliers or not support them. I support them that much more because they need it. But football…that is a whole other story. I cannot care any less about James any more. He is gone. Let’s focus on who is here and doing our best to bring a championship to Cleveland. Someone has to break through the near 50 year drought (Browns in ‘64) , and unfortunately, the three major sports teams in Cleveland are all rebuilding.

Yes, this all can be heart breaking but, we will win, the teams will win, and it is all for fun…right? I mean, it is all for fun, but man, do we take it personally. Even I do. I have to force myself to watch all of the Browns games now to be able to report on it. But I used to get so upset when the Browns played bad that I would turn off the TV and go outside with the family. I enjoy sports more now. I guess because I accept losing. It’s a Cleveland thing. We are the toughest fans for it, we are gritty, and rough and offer no apologies for it and accept no excuses.

But part of that is our downfall. We put so much pressure on our teams that they will actually make moves to try and make the fans happy even if it is not for the right reason. How many times have we seen a coach fired because of the fans request in Cleveland? A backup put in over the starter? But then we still lose. Wait a minute. Now, that doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps there was too much pressure on James to win in Cleveland that he needed to go somewhere where he could offset some of the pressure to his teammates. I don’t blame him for leaving. But it could have been done with a little more class.

Players come and they go. What Cleveland needs is a winner…and James was not it, at least for this city. Jake Delhomme, it is all up to you. I don’t expect you to win it all this year, but you are laying the ground work that this city will build around it’s championship QB in the coming years. You will do what a self proclaimed “king” could not. For this I thank you ahead of time.

Go Cavs!
Go Indians!
and …GO BROWNS!!!

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That really sucks for Cleveland!!
I remember seeing people burn his jersey!
Miami Heat already has Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh.
They’re going to win.
Most likely!!

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