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Man, Cedric Benson either can’t catch a break, or just doesn’t get it. After the fourth overall draft pick (in 2005) was kicked off the Chicago Bears for a few alcohol-related incidents and injury concerns (not to mention the fact that his teammates didn’t particularly like him). He gets a second chance in Cincinnati, where he flashed the potential that made him one of the best running backs to come out of the University of Texas. He set a few Bengals records after signing a 2 year, $7 million contract after the 2008 season. You’d think that he would understand that his leash is short and tenuous, but apparently he doesn’t.

He was arrested for punching a bartender in the face (assault) and posted bail. Now, will any punishment come from the NFL or the Bengals? Who knows, though Cincinnati doesn’t want to be without their star rusher since they have little to no depth behind him. The personal conduct policy should certainly come into play, though after Vince Young’s non-suspension, maybe Benson will get a pass too. He’s saying that the Austin, TX police obtained a warrant to arrest him without hearing his side of the story, so who knows, maybe this is all a misunderstanding. More likely, however, is that Cedric Benson is another NFL player who just doesn’t get it.

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Eagles rookie defensive end Brandon Graham had to miss part of practice this past weekend. The reason? He was back in Ann Arbor, MI taking part in his graduation ceremony from Michigan University. The highlight for Graham? He got to meet President Obama (whoa!), who was the commencement speaker. More »

The St. Louis Rams are officially on the clock and deciding what to do with the first overall pick could make or break your career. Luckily, the Rams have plenty of experience with this because this is the third time they are picking either #1 or #2. The old saying is that new regimes mean new quarterbacks. That is more true than ever in today’s passing NFL. Ten quarterbacks threw for over 4,000 yards last season, ten! That’s more than half a conference! Saying that, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are far and away the best NFL prospects this year. We know this, but can the Rams afford to take one of them, while leaving a potential franchise QB on the table? Let’s take a look back at some quarterback’s the Rams have passed on, with their actual selection. More »

I feel like because I write about the NFL I have to address Tim Tebow (it’s THAT out of control). I believe that Tim Tebow will be a steal in the second round but a reach in the first. If you draft a quarterback in the first round you are saying that this player is the future of the franchise and should be able to start sometime in his rookie season. More »

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter (go back to NFL Network!!), the St. Louis Rams will absolutely pick Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford. More »

With the release of LaDainian Tomlinson (and his remarks of refusing a pay cut), we have finally reached the end of the line for workhorse running backs. There isn’t a team in the NFL these days who don’t have more than one capable running backs (except maybe the Chiefs but that’s because of lack of talent). The two Super Bowl teams both had a platoon system working, with Addai and Brown in Indy and the three headed monster of Bush, Bell, and Thomas in New Orleans. There just isn’t any upside to having only one running back in today’s NFL. More »

The Birds have 3 QBs that many in the NFL feel could be/are starting quality. Let’s recap now for those who don’t obsess over the Philadelphia Eagles: More »

The week leading up to the Super Bowl is a lot like the week leading up to Christmas (for you Christians out there like me). It is the culmination of 11 months of thinking about football. Beginning in March at the Scouting Combine through the draft and Free Agency, and let’s not forget the grueling Training Camp and finally (FINALLY) the season starts. It all leads up to the Super Bowl. I can finally say after years of being disappointed that I don’t care who wins. Let’s look back to the Super Bowls since the Eagles have become relevant to the “Who will win the Super Bowl” discussion: 2000. More »

So I was watching NFL Network this morning (as is required of me to go along with my morning coffee) and they started the 6 month long discussion of whether or not Brett Favre was going to retire. I know, I am super excited to talk about this again too. Well Deion Sanders chimed in that Favre told somebody after the game that most likely going to retire. Now maybe Neon Deion was being facetious or maybe he was just making fun, but he seemed really serious that Favre was telling the truth. Well Ed Reed also told reporters right after his team lost that he was “50-50″ about retiring. More »

ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30″ has been awesome. The sports stories covered by the series have been groundbreaking. The rise of Hurricanes football, the Gretzky trade to L.A., the Ali - Holmes fight, 1995 Rugby World Cup (the inspiration for the movie Invictus). Now, debuting in April, the Ricky Williams story will be covered. It’s a good story, but I don’t believe it’s that big a deal. 30 for 30 also covered the impact Reggie Miller had on the Knicks (it was a lot), so they aren’t averse to covering little known stories that had a big impact. Ricky Williams‘ case didn’t have a huge impact on football per se, just the way football handles the drug policy. Though the fall of one of college football’s biggest stars is a moving one, Ricky Williams ultimately doomed himself (for right or wrong doesn’t matter). I guess what I’m trying to say is that this doesn’t seem like the kind of story that should be covered on 30 for 30, but I could be wrong. We’ll have to wait until April to see. More »

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