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The New York Jets have been the subject of many offseason discussions from AFC favorites to the team most in need of an extremely skilled accountant. The latter half of that equation is going to begin its exercise as the team has started the avalanche of contract extensions expected to come at a furious pace in an unexpected place. Most figured the team would focus on locking up their shutdown corner Darrelle Revis to a long-term, lucrative deal first and foremost, but instead the Jets showed the money to their left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson on Wednesday. More »

Although the timing is likely just a coincidence, two great pass catchers in the NFL’s history called it a career this week in the dead of the NFL’s offseason. Both Isaac Bruce and Muhsin Muhammad announced their intentions to hang up the pads which really should come as no surprise to fans around the league. Each had decorated careers and was incredibly difficult to contain during the height of their careers, but at 37 years old, both had clearly lost a step in recent years and their respective organizations were ready to turn the page to a new chapter. More »

As expected on Tuesday at the NFL owners meeting, New York/New Jersey’s bid for the 2014 Super Bowl was approved and the first cold weather city will host the season’s biggest game outdoors in the elements. This issue seemed to be a foregone conclusion with the construction of the new $1.6 billion facility, but there were still some dissenting votes unsure on the logistics of such a large scale event if weather became a factor. New York/New Jersey beat out both Tampa and another South Florida bid for the honor as they each fell by the wayside during the voting process. From travel for the international crowd attending to the fear of the game itself being a bit of a disappointment, there were still some holdouts unwilling to give the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl the green light. More »

Different year, same offseason story for fans of the Minnesota Vikings or even just diehard Brett Favre devotees that hang on the Mississippi gunslinger’s every word. The word from this past week is that the soon to be 41 year old quarterback has undergone the necessary procedure on his ankle to remove scar tissue and bone spurs according to Favre’s website. Many will remember the severity of the ankle and hamstring injuries sustained by Favre in last year’s postseason and just how purple the two injuries were as seen in these photos. More »

Most folks dream of taking vacations in February to escape the cold and go to warm destinations like Florida or Arizona. Planning the most globally attractive championship game in the world at a venue that doesn’t fulfill those characteristics seems like a questionable decision, but the NFL seems poised to make that choice. At an owner’s meeting on Tuesday in Dallas, the dollars and cents (certainly not sense) behind the NFL scenes will assemble and discuss the possibility of having a Super Bowl in the New York metropolitan area at the new Meadowlands currently under construction. More »

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The offseason leading up to the 2010 season has been filled with big transactions and surprising releases, but no move captured more attention than what was executed moments ago. The release of players like Brian Westbrook and Shawn Andrews, as well as trades that shipped away guys such as Sheldon Brown, were all bold moves by the Eagles, but what they recently announced is sure to remain the organization’s most talked-about decision for weeks, months, and perhaps even years. When this article was initially published, the story/topic was breaking news, and contained a blockbuster move, to say the least: QB Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Redskins. It’s quite difficult to analyze the entire situation in one sitting, so to speak, but this move will be evaluated with more detail as the offseason progresses. For now, some general information regarding the deal has been listed and discussed: More »

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The clock is always ticking in the NFL running back market and unfortunately for two guys who were once among the league’s elite that clock struck midnight within the last 24 hours. On Monday, the San Diego Chargers said goodbye to their nine year starter LaDainian Tomlinson who had been plagued by nagging injuries and declining production over the past two seasons. On the opposite side of the coast on Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles followed suit by severing ties with all-purpose back Brian Westbrook after eight years of service for the team. More »

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