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In what can only be described as one of the most disappointingly apathetic stories in recent NFL memory, Washington Redskins multi-millionaire defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth cannot pass a mandatory conditioning test to begin practicing with the team. Haynesworth attempted the test on both Thursday and Friday, but failed to complete it in the allotted time allowed by the team. After complaining of knee pain and swollenness in that same left knee, the big defensive tackle has been watching from the sidelines for the past three days now as his teammates all take part in drills. More »

The experiment with the Buffalo Bills last season did very little for Terrell Owens’ value in the minds of general managers around the league and that has to be a concern for the free agent wide receiver. Owens is much closer to the age of 40 than 30 these days and that fact also has to be hurting his chances of landing a gig in the NFL in the upcoming season. Still it is semi mind-boggling how a player with the cornucopia of statistics that Owens has accumulated during his decade plus in the league is still standing in the NFL’s unemployment line. The always flamboyant receiver isn’t taking this lying down however as he has gone on record with some rather persuasive accusations about just why he hasn’t landed a gig yet. More »

Whether sports fan or animal rights activist, chances are that you know the name of NFL quarterback Michael Vick as well as the trials and tribulations associated with the current member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Plenty of rumors have been swirling around since the incident that occurred outside of a restaurant where Vick’s birthday party was held on June 25th and co-defendant in his dogfighting case Quanis Phillips was shot in the leg. One of those suggestions has been that his current employers in Philadelphia are considering cutting ties with the much maligned quarterback and saving themselves from the storm of negative press. More »

All NFL fans are familiar with the dreaded quarterback controversy mantra and if you have two starting quarterbacks you really have none, but does the same apply for running backs? The Buffalo Bills are faced with answering that difficult question as the team has reportedly been shopping their former first round draft pick Marshawn Lynch around the league after taking the explosive C.J. Spiller of Clemson Tigers fame in the opening round of this past April’s NFL Draft. Buffalo already has Fred Jackson in their stable of ball carriers and he shouldered the bulk of the load last season with the squad. More »

NFL teams are all too familiar with injuries and plenty of clubs will be holding their breath hoping that injured stars in 2009 return to the field in 2010 without any lingering effects. Even if there are still issues with some players, plenty of teams have taken measures to ensure that they are not without contingency plans at important positions. Whether it be the addition of a free agent signing or a trade to acquire a seasoned veteran just in case the unforeseen should happen, teams are bracing for the ‘what ifs’ of the NFL landscape. More »

Okay, stop me when this sounds familiar… the Denver Broncos could be looking to make a move at quarterback… STOP! In what promises to be an interesting saga, there are rumors floating around that Denver is shopping one of the four quarterbacks currently on their roster. The team traded with the Cleveland Browns to acquire Brady Quinn back in March only to turn around and draft former Florida Gators signal caller Tim Tebow in the first round of April’s NFL Draft. Needless to say, Denver’s depth chart under center is getting rather crowded with incumbent starter Kyle Orton and third stringer Tom Brandstater left wondering what is going on. More »

Different year, same offseason story for fans of the Minnesota Vikings or even just diehard Brett Favre devotees that hang on the Mississippi gunslinger’s every word. The word from this past week is that the soon to be 41 year old quarterback has undergone the necessary procedure on his ankle to remove scar tissue and bone spurs according to Favre’s website. Many will remember the severity of the ankle and hamstring injuries sustained by Favre in last year’s postseason and just how purple the two injuries were as seen in these photos. More »

Just as there are always teams that surprise us in a positive manner, there are conversely some squads that disappoint on a year to year basis. The Tennessee Titans are a primary example of this after going 13-3 in 2008 and cruising into the playoffs, the Titans didn’t win their first game of the 2009 season until November 1st (week 8). After the 0-6 start, the team did steady itself and finish 8-8 on the year, but it was quite the disappointment considering the expectations from just one season prior. Sadly for one fan base, history is likely to repeat itself in 2010 and the trick is figuring out just which squad is most likely to underperform. More »

The cliché thrown around most often by the NFL talking heads is the fact that all thirty-two teams have an equal shot when the season begins. There have been a number of examples in recent years to support those claims with worst to first scenarios playing themselves out across the league. In 2007 the Miami Dolphins looked inept wining just one game on a fluky overtime catch en route to a 1-15 record and the number one overall draft pick. Just one year later the team went 11-5 and captured that AFC East division crown. The unthinkable can happen and does on a regular basis in the NFL, so let’s take a look at some candidates to make the miraculous turnaround in the 2010 version. More »

In a year of free agency which has seen several changes that could never have been predicted, many big names have changed uniforms after years of service to their former employers. LaDainian Tomlinson was jettisoned from the San Diego Chargers and later signed by the New York Jets while Donovan McNabb was shipped from the Philadelphia Eagles to their inter-division rival Washington Redskins in yet another blockbuster. It really wasn’t a shock that the team also said goodbye to their Mr. Everything running back Brian Westbrook in favor of getting younger at that position as well. More »

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