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In what can only be described as one of the most disappointingly apathetic stories in recent NFL memory, Washington Redskins multi-millionaire defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth cannot pass a mandatory conditioning test to begin practicing with the team. Haynesworth attempted the test on both Thursday and Friday, but failed to complete it in the allotted time allowed by the team. After complaining of knee pain and swollenness in that same left knee, the big defensive tackle has been watching from the sidelines for the past three days now as his teammates all take part in drills. More »

Ed Reed kicked around the “R” word after last season’s abrupt and disappointing conclusion and some thought he was just reacting negatively after a difficult loss. Now that it has become clear that Reed is having difficulties getting himself physically ready for the 2010 season, the though of retirement has to be even more resonant in his mind. As arguably one of the league’s most complete safeties, Reed has been a fixture with the Baltimore Ravens back seven since 2002 and received several accolades as a result. More »

The ideas of serious brain trauma from playing the game of football that we all know and love has been discussed at length during this offseason by the NFL. The volume of those conversations is likely to increase a bit more with the evidence found in the autopsy of former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry. After some microscopic tissue analysis of Henry’s brain, doctor have determined that prior to his death he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy This sort of condition is believed to be caused by repetitive blows to the head causing accumulations of tau proteins in the area of the brain responsible for controlling mood, emotions, and executive functioning. More »

With all of the off-field injuries that have taken place in recent years, players continue to put themselves in harm’s way during the offseason. Although this incident certainly seems more benign than some other activities that have caused players to miss time in the past, this particular activity could violate the terms of Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith’s contract. The good news for Carolina is that this isn’t a serious injury in need of excessive rehabilitation and Smith can still train himself to get in football shape with the ailment. Smith had surgery to insert a plate and some screws into the arm to aid the healing process and is expected to make a full recovery by the end of the preseason at the latest.

NFL contracts do not permit players to participate in any organized football outside of a league setting, but since Smith is expected to be back and ready to go in time for the regular season, it is unlikely that the Panthers will take any action. It is believed that Smith was injured during a flag football game at his youth camp over the weekend, but the injury is said to have occurred the day after the camp was supposed to finish up. It remains unclear whether or not Smith was playing in a pick-up game with some adults or just messing around with the kids attending his camp. Regardless of circumstances, the Panthers now have one addition worry to add to their already lengthy list heading into the 2010 season.

Already expected to be reliant on the run this year with a Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams two-headed attack, the Panthers cannot afford to lose their one big playmaker for any extended period of time. A stalwart wideout with the club in Muhsin Muhammad recently announced his retirement leaving the Panthers already with a short depth chart at receiver. Teams may really key in on stopping the ground attack and forcing the Panthers to air it out with inexperienced quarterbacks Matt Moore and rookie Jimmy Clausen who will be competing for the starting gig this summer.

The only possible silver lining to this situation for Carolina is the fact that Smith’s injury and presumed absence from training camp means that the younger wideouts on their depth chart will get more reps. Some of the names to look out for include three players drafted this past April in Brandon LaFell, Armanti Edwards, and David Gettis. Of course the Panthers still have Dwayne Jarrett on their roster, but he has been a huge disappointment to this point in his career and may be on his last chance. Some lesser names that could rise up to claim the spot are Trent Guy, Dexter Jackson, Charly Martin, Kenneth Moore, Wallace Wright, and Oliver Young. With their head coach John Fox coaching for his job this season, the road ahead looks awfully bumpy for this franchise in the difficult NFC South division.

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When healthy, New Orleans Saints offensive tackle Jammal Brown is among the top tier pass protectors in the league. You can now change the team attached to his name as the always willing to make big offseason splashes Washington Redskins made a deal to acquire the lineman from the Saints over the weekend. Brown and New Orleans were having a bit of a dispute over the lineman’s contract as he was tendered by the team under the final year of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) much like several other unhappy players around the league and didn’t attend voluntary workouts. Although he is coming off of a lost season due to both hip and sports hernia surgeries, Brown is a former first round pick with loads of talent that can presumably still be a force in the NFL as a bookend tackle. More »

NFL teams are all too familiar with injuries and plenty of clubs will be holding their breath hoping that injured stars in 2009 return to the field in 2010 without any lingering effects. Even if there are still issues with some players, plenty of teams have taken measures to ensure that they are not without contingency plans at important positions. Whether it be the addition of a free agent signing or a trade to acquire a seasoned veteran just in case the unforeseen should happen, teams are bracing for the ‘what ifs’ of the NFL landscape. More »

Different year, same offseason story for fans of the Minnesota Vikings or even just diehard Brett Favre devotees that hang on the Mississippi gunslinger’s every word. The word from this past week is that the soon to be 41 year old quarterback has undergone the necessary procedure on his ankle to remove scar tissue and bone spurs according to Favre’s website. Many will remember the severity of the ankle and hamstring injuries sustained by Favre in last year’s postseason and just how purple the two injuries were as seen in these photos. More »

In a year of free agency which has seen several changes that could never have been predicted, many big names have changed uniforms after years of service to their former employers. LaDainian Tomlinson was jettisoned from the San Diego Chargers and later signed by the New York Jets while Donovan McNabb was shipped from the Philadelphia Eagles to their inter-division rival Washington Redskins in yet another blockbuster. It really wasn’t a shock that the team also said goodbye to their Mr. Everything running back Brian Westbrook in favor of getting younger at that position as well. More »

Who Dat? Nation has had no shortage of fiesta worthy news over the past three months and that continued with the announcement on Monday that the team had resigned their safety Darren Sharper to a one-year deal. Sharper has been castoff from two franchises in his career where the team thought that his play had declined and he was no longer a vital piece of their defenses. He has been busy proving those misconceptions wrong with the New Orleans Saints as in the 2009 season he had three interception returns for touchdowns of 99, 97, and 42 yards respectively. More »

After what can only be described as an eventful rookie season, New York Jets signal caller Mark Sanchez has made the decision to undergo some offseason surgery on his left knee to repair an injury that occurred during his time with the USC Trojans. It was determined that the Sanchise would not need any procedures on his right knee in which he suffered a PCL sprain early in this past season. That knee was made famous by the Rex Ryan outburst about his quarterback taking sliding lessons from New York Yankees star Derek Jeter in order to avoid such issues in the future. More »

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