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Alright, Cleveland Browns fans. Here we are starting out the season with a loss in the opener, AGAIN! Does this mean the season is over? Not by a long shot. Let me tell you why… More »

The offseason leading up to the 2010 season has been filled with big transactions and surprising releases, but no move captured more attention than what was executed moments ago. The release of players like Brian Westbrook and Shawn Andrews, as well as trades that shipped away guys such as Sheldon Brown, were all bold moves by the Eagles, but what they recently announced is sure to remain the organization’s most talked-about decision for weeks, months, and perhaps even years. When this article was initially published, the story/topic was breaking news, and contained a blockbuster move, to say the least: QB Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Redskins. It’s quite difficult to analyze the entire situation in one sitting, so to speak, but this move will be evaluated with more detail as the offseason progresses. For now, some general information regarding the deal has been listed and discussed: More »

Well ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl XLIV has come and gone, and in the end, only one team could come out as world champions. And this year, that team was the New Orleans Saints. The Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts tonight by a final score of 31-17, and have their first championship in team history. More »

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived, as the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints get set to do face off in Miami tonight in the biggest game of the year. We’ve had a fun week here on BlitzNation, as we’ve taken a look at all things Super Bowl, and provided you with some entertaining posts discussing the big game. More »

What in the world was up with the Cleveland Browns the last couple of weeks? Did Eric Mangini promise the team hookers and blow if they won? Because that is how they were playing. More »

Well, well, well… Who would have thought that the Cleveland Browns would have won three games in a row this year? I’ll tell you, after the first four weeks of the season, NO ONE! More »

At a certain point in the Philly-Denver game this afternoon, it felt as if the Eagles were going to cruise to a blowout victory over the visiting Broncos. At another, it seemed like the Birds were going to let the game slip away and drop their first loss since Week 10. When the final seconds ticked away, however, it was Philadelphia on top. The Eagles not only bumped their winning streak to 6 games, but they also padded their lead in the NFC East and put themselves in a greater position for the playoffs. In fact, with a Cowboys loss tonight and/or a win versus Dallas in Week 17, the Eagles will have clinched the division title. Their win today versus the Broncos was hardly spectacular, for they allowed Denver to claw back into the game late in the contest, but they once again proved steady in the clutch and pulled out a last-second victory with a field goal by K David Akers. More »

Before the Eagles’ game with the 49ers today is divulged in detail, celebrate this awesome fact: the Eagles will be going to the playoffs! Yes, with their 27-13 victory, the Birds will be hunting in the postseason for a second consecutive season, for certain circumstances guaranteed them a berth in the playoff picture as long as they could come out victorious over San Francisco and New Orleans could lose on Saturday night, which they did. The game was certainly not as pretty as some expected it to be, for Philadelphia was predicted by many to put up a large amount of points and hold the Niners to a low amount, but instead the score was quite close throughout the entire contest. Nevertheless, the Eagles were able to get the job done, secure a trip to the playoffs, and sink San Francisco’s postseason hopes in the process. More »

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 41-34. Why do these teams find offense when they play bottom dwellers….It is a little weird. But there were a few stories to be had from this game. More »

This was one of the most exciting games of the season for both teams. A game that came down to the wire and had the heartbeats of fans everywhere elevated. A game with playoff implications ended with one team’s playoff hopes still alive and the other team’s drifting away. More »

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