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The man who was dubbed “The NFL’s Most Exciting Player” during his early days with the Atlanta Falcons is preparing to make his first start in almost five years with the Philadelphia Eagles.
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With the offseason underway, many of the upcoming posts will be discussing possible free agent signings, combine results, and NFL draft coverage. So I’ve decided to take a step away from the “normal” football news during this time of the year, and bring a new, fun feature to BlitzNation. “Playbook 101″ will simply display any play that was executed this season, and put it in a “Madden” style scheme that will break down the play. The first play I will bring to you is Percy Harvin’s first career NFL touchdown against the Cleveland Browns. More »

With the Denver Broncos falling just short of the playoffs this past season, its understandable that they may feel that there team is already solid enough to compete in 2010 just as it is, with a few tweaks here and there to their roster. If they want to return their same team, its important they bring back their star defender, Elvis Dumervil. More »

The Arizona Cardinals appear to be content with letting Karlos Dansby test the free agent market, even though he’s one of the top defenders. The Cardinals placed the franchise tag on Dansby the past two seasons, and don’t plan on making it three years in a row. With Dansby having a sub-par season in 2009, he is still a top defender in the open market, and will receive a lot of attention from potential suitors. But which teams will make the push for Dansby this offseason? More »

By now, most of us have witnessed the new craze in the NFL, started by none other then the Miami Dolphins - the Wildcat. The odd formation is a run heavy package that eliminates the need for a Wide Receiver…until now. With the new offseason under way, the Miami Dolphins are in depserate need of bringing in a Wide Receiver to add a new twist to the Wilcat formation. So who could it be? More »

We all know how LaDanian Tomlinson wants out of San Diego, and with his demand most likely to come true, the Chargers will be left with only one other proven Running Back, Darren Sproles. The little guy hasn’t proved to be a starter yet - only proving to be a good backup. And with only one year remaining on his contract, the Chargers have to be searching for a Running Back this offseason. More »

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver, Antonio Bryant, will not have the team’s franchise tag placed on him. Without the franchise tag being used on him, it appears that the Bucs will be moving on without Bryant. More »

The NFL has officially reinstated Donte Stallworth, the troubled Wide Receiver who was charged with DUI manslaughter, late Sunday night. The Cleveland Browns released Stallworth on Monday following his reinstatement, giving Stallworth the right to begin his search for a new NFL team. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, stated that Stallworth will be working out with an NFL team on Wednesday. The team has not yet been officially announced, but reports are speculating that it is for the Detroit Lions. More »

The Lions may not have had a great 2009 season, but it did improve upon their previous record of 0-16. With another offseason to prepare for the rebuilding and revamping of the Detroit franchise, the Lions have struck quickly with the signing of a former UFL star, Dede Dorsey. More »

When the New Orleans Saints head home, they will be welcomed by thousands upon thousands of fans. In fact, it’s expected to be so many people that the city is going to shut down. But when the Indianapolis Colts returned home yesterday, they were greeted by…11 fans. I understand that they lost the Super Bowl, but shouldn’t there be more than 11 fans welcoming them back? More »

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