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The Eagles’ Quarterback situation has been talked about quite a lot thus far in the offseason, and while it can get a bit tiring at times to continue to hear the nonstop speculation, there is plenty of reason to discuss the ordeal. What Philadelphia does at the position has the potential to affect many teams around the league, as well as some organizations’ plans for free agency and the Draft. The latest rumor to surface regarding the QBs indicates that St. Louis brass have been in “intense internal conversations” with the Birds in hopes of creating a trade that would send Donovan McNabb to the Rams. More »

The Eagles–well, at least head coach Andy Reid–has made it clear that Donovan McNabb is going to be team’s starting Quarterback for the 2010 season. There has been nothing of strong evidence indicating otherwise, and frankly, there seems to be very little possibility in all of the trade rumors and such that is being thrown around about McNabb (pictured) and his future. Of course, anything can happen in the NFL, though. Very few saw a relationship collapse and trade of QB Jay Cutler from Denver last offseason, and overall, there are simply instances in which offers or transactions are too good to pass up. While I have already made my personal prediction for what will make of the 2010 QB situation (McNabb stays and starts, as he probably should) and I’ve already examined the issue thoroughly, why not take a look at some of the tossed-around rumors and potential happenings? After all, if some type of drastic trade winds up not occurring with McNabb (as the front office firmly believes), it’s still enjoyable to ponder what could have been. So here is a look at some of the gossip regarding Donovan McNabb that has been mentioned in this early part of the offseason: More »

Believe it or not, the NFL Draft is only a few months away. Last year, the Eagles surprised many with their 1st-round selection of Jeremy Maclin, but also received praise for their late-round picks of depth. Already, it has become clear that the young players drafted by Philadelphia are blossoming into stars (i.e. Maclin, LeSean McCoy), while some others have their respective levels of potential waiting to be fulfilled. Obviously the Draft is always a highlight of the offseason, for it provides the league and it’s 32 franchises with a breath of fresh air, bringing in a wave of new talents and future studs (as well as major busts). In this brief peek at the 2010 version of the Draft, we will take a look at some of the top prospects coming out of college, a few of the players the Eagles may be interested in selecting, as well as a historical examination of the Birds’ previous Drafts… More »

Welcome everyone to day two of our New Year’s Resolution Special! Yesterday, we talked about resolutions for the teams from the AFC. Today, we focus on the teams from the NFC, and let you know what we think should be their hopes for 2010. So without any further ado, let’s get started! More »

Here at BlitzNation, I’m going to recap the season of all 32 teams in 32 days. I’m starting with the team with the worst record and my last post will be the team with the best record. I’ll be looking mostly at their expectations to their actual success and let you know how I think they will do next year.

I start this week with the St. Louis Rams who finished the season with only 1 win, and it came against the Detroit Lions. More »

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Mike Singletary, announced earlier this season that Isaac Bruce would be on the bench for the remainder of the season. The decision was made because Bruce clearly was incapable of playing every down, and the Niners wanted to showcase some of their younger guys, such as Josh Morgan. Speaking of Josh Morgan, he may have done the nicest thing a guy could do in the NFL. Morgan told Coach Singletary to play Bruce in his last game (which is against his former team, the St. Louis Rams), even if it means that Morgan would have to sit himself. More »

Well football fans, Week 14 has come and gone, and that means that we’re inching closer and closer to the playoffs. That also means that some teams have set themselves apart from the rest of the league, while others are setting themselves apart in terms of trying to the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. More »

Titans’ fans everywhere had to get a little nervous yesterday when Vince Young left the game with a hamstring injury. Luckily for the Titans, they were hosting the St. Louis Rams, and it really didn’t matter who was at quarterback, because the result would be the same. And after the win, the Titans get some more good news today, as we’ve learned that Young’s injury is not serious, and he’s listed as day-to-day on the injury report. More »

As we prepare for the showdown tonight between the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, it’s time to look back on all the great football action from yesterday, as there were some pretty good games and some exciting finishes. More »

This will definitely be a season to forget for the St. Louis Rams, as they’ve just been a bad football team all year. Lately, they’ve seemed to have gotten better, as they’ve had close games with the Saints and the Cardinals, but they haven’t been able to translate those into victories. Now it’s going to be even hard to find victories, as quarterback Marc Bulger is out 3-6 weeks with a broken leg. More »

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